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Winter at St. Francis 2015

We invite you to join us for Mass!
St. Francis of Assisi Parish is a community enriched by many people of different ages, cultures, and heritages. Love of God unites us as Christ calls each one of us to relationship with our God who is with us. We strive to share our gifts and talents with each other and to the wider community, endeavoring always to keep in mind those most in need.

Our Sunday Mass times: Sat. 5 p.m.; Sun, 7 a.m.; 8:30 a.m.; 10:30 a.m.; 12:30 p.m.; 5 p.m 

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Learn More about the Common Conference:
Adult & Children workshops
Keynote speaker: Dcn. Ralph Poyo, acclaimed Champion for the Faith & Engaging Speaker  

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Saturday, January 24
10 a.m.--3:30 p.m.
beginning in the  Parish Activities Center (PAC).