Living Nativity

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Mark your calendar for Sunday, December 13, 2015 for the newly re-designed Living Nativity and Advent Carol Service!  For the Jubliee year of Mercy, we're featuring the very best of Advent Carols (with the involvement of our many talented parish musical groups) and of course the Living Nativity!  The Living Nativity enriches our devotion with live animals and children and adults playing the characters of the scripture narrative of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Please watch for more information and sign up forms in early November!

2014 Living Nativity Acknowledgment and Thanks

Welcome and Prayer:  Fr. James Conlon

Narrators:  Kathy Ignatoski and John Paul Stando

Nativity Ensemble:  David Beaulieu, Patricia Cabuena, Shin Choo, Ann Clinger, Vania Dominica, Kevin Harvey (soloist), Magaly Nagpal, Olivia Nienhouse (soloist).

Children’s Nativity Choir:  Jasmine Bolton, Joslyn Contreras-Olarte, Alexandra Daniels, Rosemarie Emch, Kiersten Ferris, Annabel Hollenshead, Isabella Jacob, Mara Kaji, Nathan Kaji, Olivia Kaji, Cecilia Kempton, Miriam Kempton, Gabrielle Kouza, Joey Laucius, Julie Marshall, Ana Marquis, Diego Morales, Harmony Morales, Madelyne Page, Carmen Pangilinan, Caroline Pangilinan, Vanessa Roche, Lauren Sprauer, Rachel Sprauer, Gabriel Weintraub, Ian Weintraub, Maggie Williams.

Choir Director:  Carol Fedewa

Assistant Choir Director:  Kelly Hernandez

Accompanist:  Kelsey Carpenter (flute), Ted Emch (organ), Carol Fedewa (piano), Bill Forgacs (saxophone), Tim Smith (drums/percussion).

Angel Gabriel:  Kathy Waugh

Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus:  Steve, Amparo and Patrick Herbert

Angel Coordinators:  Amy Burghardt, Kele Carnell, Carol Creech, Julie Kim, Katie Williams, Sylvia Otero

Angel Prayer in Motion Instructor:  Janene Ternes

Adult Inn Keeper:  Lynn Sohacki

Donkey Herder:  Tom Ciesicki

Sheep Caretaker:  Joe and Erica Cherney & Family

Camel (llama) Caretaker:  Ginger Burns & Family

Kings:  Jack Bryan, Henry Decker, Daniel DeKeyzer

Sojourner:  Roberto Talampas, Rhodora Talampas, Joshua Talampas, Kayla Talampas, Angelina Talampas.

Thank you to all the children who played the roles of angels, shepherds, inn keepers, and gift bearers for the kings!

Thank you to the Family RE children who made cutouts for the 150 luminaries that surrounded the church with prayer!

Thank you to Catherine Anderson, Andrew Kanitz, Carl Larkins, Victoria Emch, Jan Robb, and Anne Stemmerich, and the middle school youth, and the Knights of Columbus Council #8989 for the Children’s Christmas Festival.

Thank you to Glen Feak, Ric Foeller, Felipe Ronquillo and crew, Reynaldo and Max Ronquillo, and Paul Ward for the stable/manger lighting, scene set-up and take down, and clean-up. 

Thank you to Courtney Aymen, RE secretary for the care and extra commitment she gives in assisting with all the details involved in putting together the procession.

Thank you to the parents and teachers who assisted with the children, ushered for the program, or provided refreshments for the Children’s Festival following the procession.

Thank you to all those who supported this event either by active deed or by their prayers.  May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family with peace, happiness, and love this Christmas and always! --Ellen Ward, Director

In 1224 Saint Francis of Assisi, best known as the founder of the Franciscan Order of Friars, created the first living nativity scene as a way to bring the Christmas spirit to the local villagers.  Just as Saint Francis had real people dressed in robes and real animals, so does our Parish Living Nativity.  

The Nativity Procession is a re-telling of the Christmas story with live animals, song, light acting, narration, and a candlelit walk.

For more information, please contact Ellen Ward at ward [at] stfrancisa2 [dot] org or 734-821-2132



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